Fed Court Boot Camp Conference (3rd Annual): How to Practice in Federal Court

Sponsor(s): Pincus Professsional Education
Date: 06/08/2012
Time: 08:30AM - 04:45PM
Location: The Sutton Place Hotel 21 E. Bellevue Place, Chicago, IL 60611
Speakers: Multiple

Pincus Professional Education Presents:


Fed Court Boot Camp Conference (3rd Annual): How to Practice in Federal Court

This is an invaluable, information packed seminar that will teach you all the things you need to know to practice in Federal Court, but never learned in law school. 

This program is a great nuts and bolts seminar for attorneys new to practice or relatively new to federal court. Experienced practitioners can also benefit by learning from experienced court attorneys.

See "what you will learn" below for specific topics.


What You Will Learn if You Attend This Seminar
•Creating your Complaint post Bell Atlantic and Ashcroft
•The Answer (to the complaint!)
•E-Filing Tips
•Case Scheduling and the Case Management Conference - what to expect and what to do
•E-Discovery Changes and Traps, Discovery (Rule 26, Forms, dealing with disputes, critical motions, asking for sanctions)
•Ex Parte Motions and how to handle them
•Injunctive Relief
•Rule 12 Motions - why they matter and what to do about them (drafting tips: form and content, issues to expect, what to watch out for, responses)
•Drafting and Replying to Motions for Summary Judgment (rules, drafting tips: form and content, the Reply, helpful hints)
•Pretrial Statement, Pretrial Conference and Order (FRCP 16)
•The purpose and function of Motions in Limine
•Your Jury Questionnaire and Voir Dire Tips
•Jury instructions and Verdict Forms - pitfalls and best practices
•Handling and Submitting your Exhibits
•Improving your presence and your credibility
•Post Trial Motions
•Bench Trial pointers
When you sign up - if there is something specific you are interested in, put it in the comments please and we will pass on to speakers during the planning process.


Pincus Professional Education has generously provided 5 spaces to the CBF Legal Aid Academy. If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact Kelly Tautges at ktautges@chicagobar.org or 312.554.8356. If interested, register for this program below.



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