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Administer Justice is a charitable, non-profit organization providing low-income legal, financial and conflict resolution services.  Our mission is to Administer Justice through a comprehensive program of educational outreach, legal assistance, financial counseling and conflict resolution services, to empower the powerless, give hope to the hopeless, and show mercy and compassion to those in need.

Our educational outreach includes community seminars, self-help clinics and training in all three of our major service areas.  Our legal assistance consist of individual appointments to assist an individual with forms, educate someone of their rights, and when necessary and available provide pro bono representation for those who meet income and geographic guidelines - Kane County.  Our financial counseling includes conducting a low income taxpayer clinic to help inform individuals of their rights under our tax code, particularly those who are Spanish-speaking, and providing budget counseling to understand and avoid some of the common legal and relational problems that result from money issues. Our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic also provides assistance for those individuals of lower income who have a dispute with the IRS. Our conflict resolution services include mediation and arbitration of disputes.  For more information visit our web site at


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