Volunteer Attorneys - Chicago Police Custody Hotline

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Organization: First Defense Legal Aid
Job Location: Chicago, IL
Submission Deadline: Until Filled

Position Description

Through its 24-hour Chicago Police Custody Hotline, 1-800-LAW-REP-4, First Defense Legal Aid provides free legal representation to individuals held in custody by the Chicago Police Department. At the police station, the Volunteer Attorney meets with the client, gathers information regarding arrest and detainment, and ensures that the client's rights to silence and counsel are respected. The Volunteer Attorney also documents police brutality, advocates for access to medical care, and informs the family and friends of the detainee throughout the process.

While there is no formal time commitment, we ask that Volunteer Attorneys attend a one-time, 90-minute training session (offered monthly) and volunteer at least 12 hours per month (one or two shifts, depending on the day of the week).

During your shift, you are free to do what you want - go out to dinner, spend time with your family, walk the dog, sleep - you do not need to sit by the phone. You might get three calls or you might not get any (and not every call results in a station visit), but when your phone rings you must be ready to answer the call, determine whether a visit is necessary, and drive to any police station in Chicago to represent your client.

This is an exciting and satisfying opportunity for either young or experienced attorneys.

Position Requirements

To be a Volunteer Attorney, you must be an Illinois-licensed attorney or 711 Law Student and in good standing and you must have access to a car during your shifts.

No criminal defense experience is necessary.


How to Apply

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Last updated: May 29, 2012

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